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How to sell

1. Register on the Site (entirely free)
Register by clicking on « create an account »

You will need to give your contact details, create a username, choose a password and accept the terms and conditions of use.

Once all of these fields have been completed,  you will receive a mail to confirm  your registration. The mail contains a link which  you will need to click  to validate  your email address and confirm  your registration (to allow baby2be to check  you are the owner of  that mail account). In case the mail does not arrive, check i your email account's spam filters or junk mail folder.

2. Take a picture of your item
The picture is very important. It  should be attractive, not blurreddark and correctly rotated.

Save all your pictures  first to a folder on your laptop/ PC before uploading.

baby2be allows you to upload  up to 3 pictures per ad for free– so that you can show different  aspects of your product.  Additional pictures may be added for a fee. You must own the picture and the copyright.

3. Place your ad
Click on « Sell ». There are 3 steps :

3.1. Item description


Category and sub category selection



 Item description: ex : Périclès pushchair



-  Condition of your item :
-brand new ( still sealed or / with label)
- Excellent state almost new
- 2nd hand in excellent state
- 2nd hand, used



Brand of the article



Year of purchase



How many children have used it?


By completing this form it provides a guide for sellers on how best to sell your item, and interested buyers have a simple, clear ad to read.

3.2. Pictures insertion
You can include up to 10 pictures on your ad, the firsy 3 of which are free of charge.
Each additional picture will be charged 0.25eur

3.3. Price selection
You can check on the site for similar offers to help you decide on your own prices ; You can also use baby2be's help to decide on the price for your article: click on the link next to the price frame.

Specify which delivery method you wish to use, and the location of the item (by default, your private address)

3.4 Payment and delivery methods
Specify which payment method/s you accept. You have the choice between 3 methods:

Bank transfer
Paypal (secured online payment)

3.4. Preview my ad
Your ad as it will appear on the site

3.5. Sale and  feedback:
As soon as an item is purchased, you will get a confirmation email with the details of your buyer. You will then need to get in touch directly with them to complete the transaction.

Once completed, close it under ‘Mybaby2be’ by assessing the seller (“leave  feedback”)

3.6. Relist the item
If, after one month, the item has not been sold, you will receive an email from baby2be  inviting you to upload it again on the site.

You can make modifications to your ad as many times as you need to (decrease the price, add a picture…)

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