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How to buy

1. First you will have to register on the site (entirely free)
Register by clicking on « create an account »

You will need to give your details, create a user name, choose a password and accept the terms and conditions of use.

Once all of these fields have been completed,  you will receive a mail to confirm  yourregistration. The mail contains a link which  you will need to click  to validate  your email address and confirm  your registration (to allow baby2be to check  you are the owner of  that mail account). In case the mail does not arrive, check i your email account's spam filters or junk mail folder.

2.  Searching for items
With baby2be there are several ways of searching for items :

- By category : click on the main categories on the « I want to buy » page. Each category has sub categories  to allow easy navigation.

- By search : You can also type in the name or description of the item that you are looking for (e.g.: Péricles pushchair) in the search box.

3.  Purchasing items
Select the item you wish to buy by double clicking on it, read the description and then click on « buy this item ». Prices are final. No bidding is involved so you know immediately the price to pay.

4. Paying for your items
Once you have bought the item,  you will receive an email confirming the transaction details, including the price  of the item, delivery costs, the seller’s details, delivery information and the payment methods accepted by the seller.

You will then be able to contactthe seller  to arrange when and how to obtainyour item.

There are 3 payment methods:

- Bank transfer
- Cash
baby2be allows me to pay online with PayPal
What is PayPal?

  • It's a faster, safer and more convenient way to pay for goods – because you don't have to re-enter financial information every time you buy. You pay from your PayPal account (which is free to set up) which PayPal then 'refills' by drawing on your credit card, debit card or bank account. In this way you can pay quickly and easily without disclosing financial information.
    (For more information please visit

After purchasing an item, the transaction cannot be cancelled later.  The only exceptions  includerare cases where the purchase cannot be processed. Foror instance  the seller’s identity cannot be checked or there is an obvious mistake in the ad.
By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are legally required to finalise your transaction with the seller.

When your transaction is , completed (i.e item paid for and received), you will be able to give feedback on the seller. They will also have the opportunity to leave feedback for you.

5. Some tips before buying :
Look at all the available information  for the item you want to purchase, if necessary contact the seller with any further questions. Check out the sellers other items and their feedback too. Never arrange a deal outside of baby2be.
- In case of any dispute,  contact the seller directly and try to solve the issue amicably.

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