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Tips to sell quick and easy

Which one of those two items would you buy ?

Ad n.1:  "Jeu Fille" (Game for girl)


Ad n.2: "Maison Charlotte aux fraises - neuve" (Strawberry Charlotte House - Brand new)



Actually, it is exactly the same product, at the same price, sold by the same seller. Everything is in the way the product is PRESENTED

Ad n°1 Ad n°2
Title: "Jeu fille": (girl's toy)
too vague                                        
Here the title is more eye-catching, precise, "Maison Charlotte aux fraises" (“Strawberry Charlotte’s House”). It is also easily recognised by the site’s search engine. Also, “brand new” appears in the title, which sells better.
No brand information Brand give a better image of the product and its warranty
No information about product history Mention "used for 0 child" and "bought in 2010"
Photo taken from far andis a bit blurred.,  The house seems  small   but in real life it’s quite big Three photos are permitted to allow you to show your item to its full potential.  See the guide about how to take a good photo.
No delivery options KIALA delivery proposed : easy for the buyer and the seller (you choose where and when to leave and deliver the item), cheap (4 euros within Belgium), it allows you to reach more buyers within the territory of Belgium and beyond.
Only a brief description Detailed description of the item, its accessories, and information about the suitable age range.  Especially useful is the cost of the item when purchased.


5 components are required to efficiently upload your item for sale:

1. the price of the item
2. at least one picture (you can add up to 3 free of charge, 7 additional photos maybe added at a cost
3.  A title for your item
4. A more detailed description of the item’s history, condition, etc
5. Payment and delivery terms

The most popular items sold on baby2be are clothing, bedding and toys.  In general, buyers will not travel to collect one piece of item unless it is very specific such as a christening or confirmation gown.  So you may wish to consider grouping several items of clothing together to create a ‘bundle’ suitable for a specific age and gender , for example a bundle of clothes suitable for a boy aged 18-24 months.

1. The Price

To help you set the price, you can use baby2be' price calculator (next to the price field when you put online). You can also base yourself on what the item is worth as new, and then deduct around 20 to 70% from that price according to the year of purchase and the condition of the item.
You can also look for items already sold on baby2be for further ideas.

See average price of brand new items (in French)

2. Your photos

Your photos are of utmost importance-They  will sell (or not) your item. You can have up to  3  photos to accompany your itemfor free: use this opportunity to show important details of your articles. Most buyers commented that they would like to see more of your item: a close up of the material or design, a label, different angles etc

It must be in the correctly rotated before uploading it to the site, not blurred, complete and attractive. See more advice on how to take good pictures of your items (in French)

3. The title

The title for your item should be informative and correct For instance, “maxi cosy” is not quite right if you are actually selling an “all in 3 pushchair, maxi cosy and car seat”,.a fuller, detailed description will attract more interest.

You have the possibility to select  from the most used titles  on baby2be.  Search terms entered by potential buyers will be  returned from the title first, then the brand and the description  boxes. So  think about  the kind of keywords potential customers might search for  in order to select the right one for your ad.

Place your item in the right category – see the help section on how to categorize your item (in French)

4. Item description

 Information that potential buyers will be interested in includes:
- Features/ advantages of the item, what is it used for, what age group the product is suitable for, dimensions (measurements and weights), details about condition of the item such as how much/often it has been used, the cost of the item new,   

5. Payment and delivery terms

Baby2be allows you to receive payment in up to 3 different ways - cash if the item is collected directly by the seller, bank transfer or via Paypal.

For sending your items to buyers, besides the Belgian Post office service, Kiala is a flexible service, allowing you to select when and where to send your package from one of the 500 Kiala point of sales, and the buyer does too.  This service is available throughout the whole of Belgium for only 4eur for  a package weighing less than 15kg. See the “help”section for more details.  Or you can arrange a private collection directly between you and the buyer.

As a summary…

> The title of your item should be informative and correct.

> The quality of your photos are very important for successful selling!

> The selling price  should be correctly set

If you do not sell your item within the one month selling timeframe, you will have the possibility to re-insert it. Consider revising the presentation of your item, description or price to make it more attractive to buyers.


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